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The Always Elvis Fan Club had been issuing "newsletters" mail outs since the inception of the club.  Prior to the internet days Graceland would supply information to the clubs and in turn the club would provide club members with the information. The club eventually chose the magazine name "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" because that is where we were getting our information from essentially Graceland (EPE) on Elvis Presley Boulevard.  EPE eventually stop providing the Graceland information and the club relied on newspaper and television as the information source.

Eventually the internet came along and as we know today that allow for information to travel fast.  "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" magazine today provides fans more of a photographic and story summarization of what is happening in regards to Elvis.  Our latest 40th Anniversary Edition and largest magazine looks at Elvis career from 1954 through 1977 with high resolution photos and insightful information.  Since our membership is free we decided to provide access to the magazine for those that donated to our recent raffle and will continue to provide access to those that wish to donate.

Below are a few our archived magazine for members to view and if you would like access to our recent issue you can click the link below.

Archived Editions

From Elvis Presley Boulevard | January 2017

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From Elvis Presley Boulevard | July 2016

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