Top 10 Elvis Concert Songs

(That Elvis Never Recorded In The Studio)

We are asking Always Elvis Fan Club members to provide their input on a future Top 10 list of Elvis concerts song that he never recorded in the studio.  So this list will not have songs like Suspicious Minds, Don't Be Cruel, Hound Dog since those were Elvis studio songs.  Elvis performed many songs on stage that were covers of other artist but Elvis had a way of making them his own.  From Neil Diamonds "Sweet Caroline", Olivia Newton Johns "Let Me Be There" and the Beatles "Yesterday" there are many songs Elvis included in his concerts but never recorded them in the studio. Our members can provide there top 10 concert songs from the list by filling out the survey below.  Always Elvis will then tabulate all those songs and score them to provide a Top 10 list to be featured on our website.  The list will also include music, photos and video with information on the songs, the original artist, and more!

Members that provide input in the survey will be eligible to win the the upcoming Elvis Christmas Orchestra CD!

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Please use your email supplied when you joined the Always Elvis Fan Club and make your song selections below. Only one entry per member.  Survey ends on Sunday September 23rd, 2017.  

Make selection from the drop down boxes. Do not select the same song twice or your list will be invalid.
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