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LATEST e-NEWSLETTER released January 11, 2018.

When we have something important to let you know about we will send out that information through our Always Elvis e-Newsletter.  From upcoming events, music and media releases. Our e-Newsletter also provides a free access code to our Always Elvis "Showroom" which is a members only section of the website.

The Always Elvis e-Newsletter doesn't come out at set durations and we make sure not to fill up your inbox unnecessarily. Then again who doesn't want a great photo of Elvis in there inbox once in a while.

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Always Elvis "SHOWROOM"

What is the Always Elvis "Showroom"? The Showroom is a members only area of our website that features media rich information via video, music and photos! Fans will learn about Elvis as a musician, actor and more!  The Always Elvis Showroom is free to Elvis fans that subscribe! 

Access to this section of our website is provided via a passcode via our Always Elvis e-Newsletter. Elvis fans can also view our archive of our magazine "From Elvis Presley Boulevard" as well as other great features.  


Fan Club Gatherings

Although we have members worldwide the club began and remains in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.  If you live in the area you are more than welcome to join us  for Elvis related events including our annual Fan Club Picnic, Dinner Meetings, Elvis Music Parties, Movie & Concert Events and more!

You never know what happens when you come to an Always Elvis Fan Club event and put on those Elvis sunglasses.


Our Always Elvis Facebook Group is available to our subscribers to share their thoughts on the king. This members only format improves the legitimacy of those participating in the group and an overall better Elvis fan experience. 

We have great Elvis photos, music video mashes and more!