Studio E Bonus: Elvis Country - Side "B"

As we flip the record to Elvis Country "I'm 10,000 Years Old" to Side "B" the first song is a song written by Dallas Frazier called There Goes My Everything. First released by Ferlin Husky in 1966 on his I Could Sing All Night LP.  The song came well known on a recording from Jack Greene's recording where it was voted Single and Song of the Year in 1967 at the 1st Country Music Association Awards.

Below is the Jack Greene version along with a live performance from Elvis in 1970.

Elvis recorded the song on June 8, 1970 and song was released as a single on December 8, 1970 where it reached #21 on the Pop charts and #23 on the Country charts.  Listen below to take 1.


The next song was It's Your Baby, You Rock It.  Written by Shirl Milete and Nora Fowler the song was first recorded by Jesse Brady who used that as a stage name but later returned to his real name Allen Wright.

Elvis recorded the song on June 5, 1970 and below is Take 3 in which Elvis discusses the guitar intro. Take 3 has no back ground vocals a noticible difference to the master recording with the full background vocals and instrumentation.

Next up on Side B is The Fool a song originally recorded by Sanford Clark in 1956.  Elvis recorded this song originally at his home in Bad Nauheim, Germany and then officially for this country album.  Listen to Clark's original version in which Elvis keeps his version very similar too.

Elvis official recording took place on June 4, 1970.  Below is the first original home recording as well as Take 1 from the recording session.

I Washed My Hand In Muddy Waters is a Joe Babcock written tune from 1964.  Babcock did studio work with the Jordanaires and formed the vocal group the Nashville Edition.  He sang on more than 10,000 recordings including Elvis' Kentucky Rain and Suspicious Minds.  The song was recorded by Stonewall Jackson and can be heard below.  Elvis did the song while rehearsing for the movie That's The Way It Is and was available on The Lost Performances.  

Elvis recorded "Muddy Water" on June 7, 1970 with a much faster tempo than the original Stonewall Jackson version and even more so than his impromptu rehearsal version above.  


The final song on the album was a popular country song composed by Hank Cochran in 1963 called Make The World Go Away.  The original version of the song was recorded by Ray Price that same year and it was a top 40 song for Timi Yuro (1963), Eddy Arnold (1965) and Donny & Marie Osmond in 1975.  Elvis recorded the song June 7, 1970 and utilize the song in his concert performances in the early 70's.

Below is Elvis recording the song in the studio along with the master recording.


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