Elvis In Concert TV Special

On June 1, 1977, it was announced that Elvis had signed a deal with CBS for a new television special. It was agreed that CBS would videotape concerts during the summer of 1977. The final special was culled from footage from two performances on June 19, 1977, in Omaha, and June 21, 1977, in Rapid City, although much of the footage from Omaha was considered unusable due to sound and performance problems. The crew also filmed footage of Elvis at the airport in Indianapolis, receiving a gold record from RCA Records for his final album, Moody Blue, on June 26. This is the last known footage of Elvis ever filmed, and he can be seen wearing his favorite DEA jacket.

A misconception regarding Elvis in Concert stems from a statement broadcast by Presley's father, Vernon Presley at the program's conclusion (and also included on the soundtrack album) in which he told viewers that they had just witnessed Elvis' final performance. In fact, Elvis made five more concert appearances before giving what would be his final show in Indianapolis, Indiana, on June 26. However, the CBS special was Elvis' last professionally recorded concert. The special actually contains two messages by Elvis' father: one taped in a hotel room during the tour in June when Elvis was still alive, and the other taped in the back office of Graceland shortly after his death, where Vernon thanks the many people who sent letters and cards after Elvis' death.

This footage of Elvis In Concert contains the original 1977 commercials during the broadcast and an interesting watch for those that are familiar with some of the products.

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