ELVIS vs ELVIS: Series 3 (The Results)


Elvis vs Elvis is a website features audio tracks and information regarding different Elvis recordings. Each website series we will look at three Elvis songs and compare each song with an alternate version of the master, remake or alternate take of that same song. These include studio and live versions that have different arrangements, lyrics, tempo or performance styles.

Songs included in "SERIES 3" were: Treat Me Nice, I Will Be True and Stay Away. Members selected their favorite versions of the songs below and the results are now in. The "Elvis vs Elvis" series occurs bi-weekly on our website.

Elvis released "Treat Me Nice" on September 24, 1957 as the "B" side for the single "Jailhouse Rock" from the movie of the same name.  The single version has a predominant piano intro while the movie version begins with a guitar intro and utilizes background clapping along with the Jordanaires background vocals saying the phrase "Treat Me Nice". 

Elvis was convinced that “Treat Me Nice” was the smash when he first recorded it at the soundtrack sessions for the new movie at Radio Recorders in April and May. He believed so much in the song, in fact, that he went back into the studio on September 5 to try for an even stronger cut.

Treat Me Nice


93% Single Version


7% Movie Version


"I Will Be True" was originally recorded by Ivory Joe Hunter in 1952. Elvis recorded the song in the studio on May 19, 1971 however the song was not release until 1973 for the self titled album "Elvis" which is sometimes referred to the "Fool" album. Elvis admired Ivory Joe Hunter and sang several of his songs throughout his career: "My Wish Came True," "I Need You So," "Ain't That Loving You, Baby", "It's Still Here," as well as "I Will Be True."

An informal recording of Elvis singing "I Will Be True" was made in 1959, when he was stationed in Germany. The recording was made in the house in Goethestasse, Bad Nauheim, and was released on 1997's "Platinum: A Life In Music" and later on the FTD release "Elvis: In A Private Moment".


19% Home Recording


81% Studio Version


"Stay Away" was writted by Sid Tepper and Roy C. Bennett. It is based on a traditional song titled "Greensleeves", which Elvis requested to rework for him. Elvis recorded "Stay Away" during a non-movie recording session on Monday January 15, 1968 and was released as a single with the song U.S. Male. The song was played as the intro for the movie Stay Away Joe. The single original version has a fast paced tempo but Elvis attempted another alternate take with a much slower tempo. This version can be found on the FTD "Stay Away Joe".


56% Single Version


44% Slow Tempo Version


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