Always Elvis Fan Club Donates To Local Charity


On December 4th, 2017 Dream Come True held its annual telethon at the Lehigh Valley RCN studios. Dream Come True Dream fulfills the dreams of children, between the ages of 4 and 17, who are seriously, chronically or terminally ill and reside in the Greater Lehigh Valley PA area. 

The Always Elvis Fan Club was invited to participate during the broadcast and talk not only about the club but about Elvis' generosity during his lifetime. The club donated a 16 plate Elvis set and books for the event auction as well as presented a check with a combined total donation amount of $635 to the charity.


Prior to going on stage, while watching the tv monitors, the director of Dream Come True Rayann Vasko was appearing on stage talking about the one child they had lost during the previous year. A wonderful four year old little girl who's dream was to be able to go to Disney World with her family. Dream Come True was able to make this happen and give this child and her family this wonderful time together. As Rayann talked about the Disney trip, photos appeared of the joy of this little girl on her family vacation. Unfortunately several months later the child's health deteriorated as photos showed the little girl in the hospital struggling with her illness. As Rayann explains about her passing, I can barely hold back my emotions as her story is absolutely heartbreaking. As the story concludes I realize even more how amazing the Dream Come True organization is.

The fan club is honored to assist in this endeavor and will continue to support this charity in Elvis' name. We received a wonderful letter from Rayann thanking us for our donation. However the thanks really goes to Rayann and the Dream Come True organization and the children and the families they support.

Thank you Dream Come True for all you do! 

Click here to view the Dream Come True letter.