New Book Release | Blue Suede Shoes: The Culture Of Elvis

This book by brilliant photographer Thom Gilbert is a must for all who want to know more about Elvis through the people who were so very close to him. Through their words and Thom’s masterful images, we can come even nearer to understanding the life and true soul of Elvis Presley.
— Kim Novak, from the Foreword

Larger-than-life in talent, Elvis Presley was also legendarily charismatic, a man who left a deep and lasting impression on those who knew him. BLUE SUEDE SHOES is an indirect biography and an all- access pass to the personal world of Elvis Presley, an intimate look at the culture he created and the legacy he left behind through his objects, surroundings, and posse of friends.

From photographer Thom Gilbert (Soul: Memphis’ Original Sound) comes this unique visual history, an interplay of photographs and stories that reveal the private Elvis. This stunningly photographed collection pairs personal anecdotes from 75 of Elvis's friends, fellow musicians, and fans with portraits of the people whose lives he touched and the objects and artifacts he left behind. Thom Gilbert’s photographs feature Presley’s old stomping grounds, while other images focus on the iconic clothing and costumes, including Elvis’ gold lame jacket and instantly recognizable white jumpsuit. Interspersed throughout are the photos and stories of those who were forever touched by Elvis’ legacy.

Rediscover the man behind the image through these photographs of the places he lived and recorded, the jewelry and clothing he wore, even the gifts he chose for friends (and some items that were given to him), and through reading first-hand accounts from those who experienced his profound generosity. A magnificent gift for fans old and new, BLUE SUEDE SHOES provides a beautiful and insightful look at one of America’s most beloved performers. 

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