Elvis | The Las Vegas International Hotel

The Always Elvis Fan Club will bring a multi-part series to our website called "Elvis | The Las Vegas International Hotel" to our members only section "The Showroom" in 2018. The Showroom is a blog of sorts that includes Elvis information including his music, movies and personal life and incorporates video, music and photos to tell the story.

The Las Vegas International Hotel opened in 1969 as the first true mega resort.  Elvis performed at the hotel from 1969 to 1976 and the hotels 30th floor became his second home.  The hotel had changed names during this time period to the Las Vegas Hilton and today the hotel is known as the Las Vegas Westgate Resort.

These upcoming "blogs" will take an in-depth look at the hotel on how it changed Las Vegas in many elements including hotel architecture, amenities and of course the celebrities and stars that performed there.  Elvis was the king of Las Vegas selling out over 800 shows at the hotel and we not only provide information of the hotel but how it connects with Elvis.  We look forward to presenting "Elvis | The Las Vegas International Hotel" blog series in 2018.