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Elvis vs Elvis: Series 1

Elvis vs Elvis is an archive website blog that featured audio tracks and information regarding different Elvis recordings. Each website series we will looked at three Elvis songs and compare each song with an alternate version of the master, remake or alternate take of that same song. These include studio and live versions that have different arrangements, lyrics, tempo or performance styles.

In "Series 1" installment we looked at three studio songs: Love Letters, She Thinks I Still Care and I Got Lucky.

Elvis first recorded "Love Letters" on May 28, 1966 and it was released as a single with the flip side being "Come What May" on June 8, 1966. The songs also appeared on Elvis Golden Records Vol. 4 that was released in January 1968. Elvis then re-recorded the song on June 7, 1970 as a favor for pianist David Briggs who thought he could improve on the original recording. The re-recorded version appeared on the studio album "Love Letters From Elvis" released on June 16, 1971. This version has a slower tempo and obviously Elvis voice had a different tone compared to the earlier version.


"She Thinks I Still Care" was originally recorded by George Jones in 1962. Elvis recorded his version in the den at Graceland on February 2, 1976 and was released as the B-side to the single release of Moody Blue on November 29, 1976. It was later released on the album Moody Blue which was released on July 17, 1977.

The master recording of this song begins with a guitar riff intro before Elvis begins singing the song. During this session Elvis first few takes however begin with the backup group singing intro before Elvis begins singing the song. This version can be heard on the Follow That Dream (FTD) release of The Jungle Room Sessions. 


"I Got Lucky" was first released on the six song EP (extended play) for the movie Kid Galahad in August 1962. It was then released on a compilation album of the same name in October 1971 and was a follow up to the compilation album C'mon Everybody released several months earlier. The I Got Lucky album featured the remaining tracks that were previously released on EP and not previously released on LP of the same four movie films plus one additional non-movie track. The original release has a short intro while the alternate version has a longer intro that includes some harmonizing from the Jordanaires.


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