Although there are many fans that are familiar with Elvis recordings there are some fans that have not had the opportunity to learn about recordings beyond the Elvis hits. Always Elvis has created a section called Studio E (yes, E for Elvis) that will provide insight on Elvis in the recording studio from his early days at Sun Studio and throughout his career at RCA.

For those part of our upcoming ‘Always Elvis Pure Gold’ program we will include full bonus website content including a Studio ‘E’ digital songbook that will include photos, lyrics information and more regarding Elvis recordings.

As a preview of what’s ahead in 2019 for those participating in Always Elvis Pure Gold and the connection to the Studio E program we have included a Christmas Preview below featuring the 1957 Elvis Christmas Album. Don’t forget to download the Always Elvis Studio E Songbook- Volume 1 Christmas Promo that include lyrics, photos and more information about the album.

Starting January 2019 and monthly thereafter, Studio E will feature a compilation of Elvis recording information. We hope to bridge the gap between the avid Elvis collector and other fans that are looking to learn about the Elvis catalog.



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