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#36 - My Baby Left Me (1956)

"My Baby Left Me" was written and recorded by Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup in 1949.

Elvis released "My Baby Left Me" as the B-side to the hit I Want You, I Need You, I Love You on May 4, 1956.

The song then appeared for the first time on the full length album "For LP Fans Only" when released on January 23rd, 1959.  This album was a compilation of the earliest (and best) of Elvis’ sides that had not yet appeared on LP. 

#35 - Pieces of My Life (1975)

Troy Seals wrotes "Pieces of My Life" in the mid-sixties and Johnny Darrell recorded his original version in June of 1974 for his album "Waterglass Full Of Whiskey"

Elvis recorded "Pieces of My Life" on Thursday March 13, 1975 for his upcoming album Today.  The single release was paired with the song Bringing It Back.

In our social media survey 46% of Elvis fans choose this song as their favorite of these four in this weeks selection.

#34 - I Got A Women (1956)

"Elvis recorded "I Got A Women" on January 10, 1956 which was several days after his 21st birthday.  Originally written and recorded by Ray Charles in 1954 Elvis version was released on his debut album "Elvis Presley" on March 23, 1956.  The song was released as a single along with "I'm Counting On You"on August 31st, 1956. 

Whether simply to maximize sales in every format, or in the belief that many teenagers either didn’t have a long-playing record player or wanted the individual sides at the lowest per-unit price, RCA simultaneously released seven 45s incorporating every one of Elvis’ songs not previously available on a single. None of the singles charted, but the combined sales figures totaled up to 1.5 million copies.  Elvis performed this song during his return to Las Vegas in 1969 and throughout his concert repertoire in the 1970's.

#33 - When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again (1956)

Elvis recorded "When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again" on September 2nd, 1956 and was included in his second album simply title "Elvis".  The song was also released on an extended play format record with three additional songs EPA-992 Volume 1.  The song reached #19 on the billboard charts and was a favorite of several of our list experts.

Elvis performed this song for a short duration during the sit down version of his TV Special "Elvis" in 1968. 

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