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#20 - Baby Let's Play House (1955)

"Baby Let's Play House" is a song written by Arthur Gunter and covered by Elvis in 1955 on his fourth issue recorded at Sun Studio.

Presley's version differs greatly from the original: Elvis started the song with the chorus, where Gunter began with the first verse, and he replaced Gunter's line "You may get religion" with the words "You may have a Pink Cadillac", referring to his custom-painted 1955 Cadillac auto that had been serving as the band's transportation at the time.

#19 - Hurt (1976)

It had been almost a year since Elvis had recorded anything new, and his enthusiasm for making records, let alone his ability to enter a recording studio, seemed very much in question. In an attempt to address the situation, RCA moved into Graceland, turning the den into a makeshift recording studio with the RCA remote sound truck and engineers outside.  The two absolute highlights of the sessions – performances that could have taken their place with recordings at any stage of his career – were the songs chosen for the initial single. Elvis’ cover of one of his great early models, R&B singer Roy Hamilton’s “Hurt,” offered the kind of vocal challenge he was never able to resist. It immediately entered his on-stage repertoire, and he was often so caught up in its performance that he sang the operatic ending twice. The record sold 300,000 copies and charted in the Top 30.  Below is the master recording as well as a live version from Elvis' final CBS-TV Special "Elvis In Concert".

Over 50% of fans voted Hurt as their favorite of these four songs.


#18 - You Don't Know Me (1967)

"You Don't Know Me" was released on September 26, 1967 and utilized in the movie "Clambake".  At the time Elvis effort on movie soundtracks were not well focused however this track was an exception.  Originally recorded by Eddy Arnold, Elvis puts a genuine effort in the recording of this track and this wonderful ballad is one of Elvis best during this time period.  Below is two different versions of the song as apparent by the intros with the movie version having more of a piano influence.


#17 - Anything That's Part Of You (1962)

"Anything That's Part Of You" was the B-side to Elvis' hit Good Luck Charm and was released on February 27, 1962.  

The song was written by Don Robertson and Elvis performs exceptional vocals on this wonderful ballad.  The majority of the Always Elvis experts ranked this song high up their list so bring it to #17 on the overall list.

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