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#12 - It Hurts Me (1964)

"It Hurts Me" a non-movie song became the B-side of an Elvis Presley movie single, "Kissin' Cousins", released February 10, 1964. The A-side reached number 12 in the U.S. singles charts, while "It Hurts Me" reached number 29 but never became well-known or attained "the classic stature promised by the song and the performance."

The session that produced this recording marked the beginning of a twenty-eight month period during which Presley recorded no other non-movie songs.

Elvis recorded a new version on June 20, 1968 and used this song during the montage medley sequence of his 1968 NBC Comeback Special.


#11 - Promised Land (1975)

"Promised Land" was released on September 27, 1974 as part of the upcoming 1975 album with the same name.  One of the highlights of the December Stax sessions, a rare and almost carefree excursion into rock territory with the classic Chuck Berry rewrite (with completely different, and always topical, lyrics) of Roy Acuff’s “Wabash Cannonball.” Once again good radio play for a song that was nothing if not radio-friendly, even if it failed to sell better than other recent singles.

#10 - That's When Your Heartaches Begin (1957)

“That’s When Your Heartaches Begin” was released on March 22, 1957 as the B-side to All Shook Up.  This very song Elvis had sung as an eighteen-year-old at his first “custom recording” session at Sun. Elvis also recorded this song in the impromptu "Million Dollar Quartet" session on December 4, 1956.

#9 - Moody Blue (1976)

"Moody Blue" was written by Mark James who also penned Elvis' Suspicious Minds. The song was recorded in February 1976 in the den (Jungle Room) at Graceland. The only time Elvis performed the song in its entirety was on February 21, 1977 at a concert in Charlotte, NC. He had attempted to perform the song February 20 at the same venue but revealed to the crowd that he had completely forgotten the song; he returned on February 21, lead sheet in hand, and performed the song with his eyes glued to the lyrics. Both the February 20 false-start and the February 21 performance were recorded on soundboard in good sound quality and were released officially in 2007 by the Follow That Dream label.

Moody Blue was the favorite of these four songs in our Social Media vote receiving 40% of the vote.

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